Privacy Policy

The Midlands Austin 7 Club (MA7C) Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out how the MA7C collects and processes our members’ data.

Data collected. On joining the club we ask that members provide their name, name of joint member (if applicable), address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, year of birth (optional) and details of the Austin Seven(s) owned.

Use of Data. Member’s personal details are used only to send the MA7C newsletter and the Association magazines to you and for communications from the Club to keep you up to date with events and other relevant news. Data may be passed between MA7C committee members in order to carry out Club activities and events. 

Third Parties. No data are given to other members or third parties.

Use of Cookies. The MA7C website does not use cookies.

Security. Transfer of member’s details between committee members uses password protected files to protect against unauthorised access.

Data Retention. Member’s personal details are deleted from the MA7C records three months after your membership expires.

Right of Access. Members have the right of access to the personal data which the Club holds about them. To obtain a copy of the personal information held, please contact the Membership Secretary.


June 2021

MA7C on the Web

The MA7C Newsletter is now available for you to read and download from this web site. This is an additional facility to complement the publication you receive through the post.

The current Newsletter will be posted on the web on the last day of the month of publication to ensure that all those who subscribe to the service will have received their copies first.

There is also a simple index to view covering the recent Newsletter publications and this will continue to be updated.

Earlier editions of the News letter will be posted on the web as time allows.

The web Newsletter files are less than 5Mb in size but due allowance must be made for the speed of your internet access when performing a file download.