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1928 AD Tourer

TK 2976 is a late 1928 AD Tourer (‘Chummy’), the most common vintage Austin 7 body style. The first AD model appeared in February 1926: with four good seats it was designed to have greater width, length, knee and head room than earlier models. Its more angular hood replaced the ‘pram’ hood of earlier models and was designed to create more headroom and to fold down without removing the new-style, hinged side screens. The recommended total combined passenger weight (two adults and two children) of 32 stones was rather lighter than modern standards of living and average weights!
TK 2976 was manufactured in December 1928 but first registered in June 1929 in Dorset. Little is known about the car until around 1960 when it was discovered abandoned in a wooden garage next to a cottage close to where Frankley Beeches Services now exists on the M5 motorway: the cottage was due to be demolished to make way for the construction of the M5. TK had not seen light of day since 1939 when it had been last taxed.

The car was virtually complete, amazingly original and unspoilt, so an ideal restoration project. Still possessing its original exhaust system, it also had other special features including an ML coil (a forerunner to the more generally fitted CAV / Lucas version). There was damage to the offside front wing – probably the reason it was originally taken off the road (combined with the shortage of available petrol due to rationing during and after the war period). The tips of the wings were still painted white as required by the World War 2 blackout.

Ian Brough purchased TK 2976 in the 1960s and spent many years meticulously restoring the car: he was able to use all new original Austin components including aluminium castings and had the wheels rebuilt with correct Dunlop rims. The upholstery was restored with the help of Mr Jones from Bromsgrove, who had been an apprentice in the trimming shop at Austin’s Longbridge works at the time when TK was first built. His excellent workmanship completely replicated the original, and the upholstery is still in fine fettle after over fifty years of service! Ian completed the restoration of TK 2976 in the early 1970s and enjoyed using it regularly: it took part in numerous Austin Seven events around the UK, multiple trips to 750 Beaulieu and later participated in a tour of France.

Ian reluctantly parted with TK 2976 in 1984 but maintained contact with subsequent owners and in 2015 an opportunity arose to buy back the car. His personal attachment to this particular Seven and his considerable work in its restoration
meant that the acquisition was inevitable and it was a done deal! The current custodian has a special attachment to TK 2976: I am Ian’s eldest son Matt, and have early childhood memories of sitting in dad’s newly-restored car, then accompanying him in it to many vintage events: understandably it is much cherished!

TK 2976 is still in regular use; a rear luggage carrier and trunk were added in 2021 to increase its practicality. Kept in a tidy, presentable condition, the car is prepared for general all-round use and not as a concours exhibit: this Chummy is still used regularly for club events, rallies, tours, road runs and of course just for fun! It attended the Austin 7 60 th Anniversary at Longbridge and the Centenary Event at Moreton-in-Marsh in 2022, celebrating 100 years of Sir Herbert Austin’s creation.